May 29 2008

Another one by Tom Friedman

The man just knows what he’s talking about. He definitely has a clear sense of the reality we are currently in and tells it straight…unlike the politicians in Washington and the rest of their cronies. See his current opinion post here.

I’m looking forward to getting my own Prius soon as well!

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May 22 2008

Another Excellent Tom Friedman Opinion Piece

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Tom Friedman definitely sees through to the facts. His latest opinion piece details some of the many power shifts are occuring today and how so few of them are in America’s favor. This will definitely be the legacy of the Bush/Cheney kleptocracy and how the middle class in America will pay the price of their mistakes and incompetencies for many years to come.

Mind you, this is not just the Bush administration’s fault alone. Congress has gone along quite well with this inability to address the real needs of this country and we will be facing many threats tomorrow because the politicians in this country did not have the foresight to see this coming yesterday nor do they have the backbone to do something about these trends today. It’s time for Americans to make their voice known in the ballot box and find a true leader who can bring about responsibility and accountability in our nation’s government and in our country’s direction into the future.

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